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24 Vdc

24 Vdc Control boxes

• 24 Vdc control panel for 1 or 2 motors ideal for swinging or sliding gates
• Easy to install thanks to the built-in display
• Anticrushing safety function with amperometric sensor
• A number of operating logics
• Self-configuration of operating parameters
• Separate slowing-down function during opening and closure for each motor
• Removable terminal boards
• It comes with built-in 433.92 MHz 64-code radio receiver (programmable code/variable code)
• Output for 12 Vac/dc electric lock control
• Inputs to connect the encoder or opening and closing limit switch for each motor
• Inputs for single-step, pedestrian and stop buttons
• Input for 8K2 safety sensitive edge
• Presetting for serial controls auxiliary card
• Possibility of viewing the actual number of manoeuvres
• Programming access password
• It can be operated with the KSUN solar kit


Self-calibration system in the 230 Vac versions with encoder and in all the 24 Vdc versions. This important function simplifies installation thanks to the automatic adjustment of operating parameters.


Moreover, the presence of access passwords allows to lock the system and increase safety levels, as it does not allow third parties to change operating or safety parameters.


Possibility of setting the number of cycles or manoeuvres after which maintenance should be carried out. The flashing light or courtesy light gives the warning


The presence of the encoder in the 230 Vac versions ensures they fully comply with safety standard (this is guaranteed by the amperometric sensor in the 24 Vdc versions).


It can be operated with the KSUN solar kit


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