JM3.ESA Turbo

residential and commercial use

  • 24 Vdc

JIM.3ESA Turbo is the fastest motor in the BENINCA’ range for the automation of sectional doors of up to 11 m2. JIM.3ESA Turbo is equipped with an integrated and central LED courtesy light and this model is 75% faster than the standard version.

The control unit allows the opening and closing speed to be independently adjusted with values of from 8.9 to 15.5 m/min. JM.3ESA Turbo is fast, but it still guarantees all the safety of a motor designed to meet the highest European standards.

As well as adjustable opening and closing slowing, the new model keeps the characteristics of the other models in the JIM range.

JIM Turbo has the ESA SYSTEM energy saving device, encoder and STC System which allows dynamic data acquisition through a precision calculation of the torque, providing useful indications about the power to be supplied.

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