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The Automatismi Benincà quality control system has been certified by TÜV Italia in accordance with ISO 9001. The certificate declares compliance with international standard ISO 9001 and confirms the undertaking of the company to safeguard the organisational system as required by the standard.



BENINCÀ products are designed to fulfil the varied requirements of the market, and in order to do this, during the design and test phases, they are subjected to electrical and mechanical life testing, which is aimed at simulating real-world application. We therefore have 2 sites, one internal, and one external.


Pre-compliance Tests

These are product tests which are aimed at verifying noise immunity and that emission is within the maximum limits laid down by the European Community, for our devices. These tests also allow us to establish whether the product is ready to obtain “CE” marking.


Being a KNX member means developing products which are certified by the association as compatible with the universal protocol for management of houses and buildings in general. Integration of systems with this protocol in fact makes the automation devices perfectly compatible with the most sophisticated home automation systems.

Through constant attention to the choice of materials and its various internal controls, each day the group pursues one of its most important challenges: to be a real witness to the world of the quality of products made in Italy.

Departments work with the clear aim of maintaining a high level of quality and reliability, in line with the mission that the company has been pursuing from the start.

Procedures are interpreted within a quality system that involves different areas cross-functionally and which is interpreted as a performance promise to be kept inside and outside the company.



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