privátní používání/rezidenční použití

  • 24 Vdc

24 Vdc | intensive use

• 24 Vdc irreversible geared motor for intensive use with built-in control unit equipped with an extended range 230 Vac ± 10% 50/60 Hz switching power supply that allows for a low consumption and a longer lifespan of the operator

• The control unit is equipped with an innovative system (ESA+) to reduce the energy consumption, which guarantees an absorption in stand-by below <0.3 W

• The encoder guarantees the highest safety and precision during the movement of the door

• The STC system device enables the torque management in relation to the position of the gate, which guarantees maximum safety

• Maximum performance and speed (12 m/min)

• Autosetting through transmitter which can be activated at first installation

• Equipped with a service light with 14 built-in LED lights that guarantee a high light output. It is possible to activate the service light through the transmitter in the bistable or timed mode, using it as a ceiling lamp 

• Operation guaranteed even in the event of a power failure thanks to batteries that can be perfectly integrated in the motor

• Designed for the connection of the X.BE accessory in order to be integrated with KNX domotics installations and the programming through the app BeUP and the interface PRO.UP

• The stroke is adjustable with a mechanical stop in the rail with belt and two mechanical stops in the rail with chain, which are already included



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