Interface gateway between radio-frequency devices and the BeMOVE application.

Three different installation methods (set on its end, on one side or wall-mounted)

Transmission on 433.92 MHz (monodirectional) with eight channels and triple coding: Advanced Rolling Code, Rolling Code and Fixed Code

Transmission on 868 MHz (bidirectional) with i.HOOP transceiver module (accessory)

Integrated WiFi connection module and option to connect the gateway to the router by Ethernet port Two outputs with 230V 5A relay, two inputs (clean contacts) and three indicator LEDs to indicate presence of power supply, WiFi or Ethernet connection and radio signal HOOP is also set up for direct wiring to the automation device controller

Possibility of integrating the system with interface boards to communicate with other protocols (KNX)

Manage up to 16 accounts and 64 radio-frequency devices


Product Leaflets


BeMOVE : How to associate a previously configured gateway

BeMOVE : How to add a new HOOP Gateway from a BeUP application

BeMOVE: How to associate a new g.MOVE device from a BeUP or BeMOVE application



BeMOVE advanced functions
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