VN.MT20 / VN.MT40

industrial use

  • 400 Vac

400 Vac 

• Irreversible electromechanical gear motor with manual chain operated available in the three-phase version with 1/20, 1/40 reduction rates
• New plastic box that makes wiring the motor easier, thanks to the position of the front clip connector and the possibility of reaching three different positions with the wiring.
• Two accessories are available for chain drives with reduction rates 1:1 (off-axis motor installation) or 1:1.8 (torque or speed multipliers)
• Easy and precise adjustment of limit switch position
• Maximum safety guaranteed during rapid release phases, thanks to a micro-switch that cuts the power supply to the motor
• Oil lubricated reductions with hardened steel screw and bronze gears guarantee high performance, maximum reliability and silent operation
• 4 micrometrically adjustable limit switches

Product Leaflets

VN.S20 - VN.S40 - VN.ST20 - VN.M20 - VN.M40 - VN.MT20 - VN.MT40

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