BULL1524 / BULL15M / BULL15M.S

commercial use

  • 230 Vac
  • 24 Vdc

Reliable and quiet operator for sliding gates up to 1500 kg. Ideal for condominium applications. Complete with built-in control unit and receiver.

Maximum safety and accuracy during the operating phases of the gate thanks to the equipped encoder device.

In order to ensure the best performances even in cold environments, the operator can be equipped with magnetic limit switches (version BULL15M.S).

24 Vdc version : High use intensity is ensured by the built-in switching power supply (100/250 Vac) which allows for a lower consumption and a longer useful life of the operator itself.

Maximum safety is guaranteed by the STC system.

All metal release system with personalized key.

Quick and easy to install thanks to the self-programming of the control unit from the transmitter.


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Brushless motor for sliding gates
Brushless motor for sliding gates
Brushless road barrier
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