The professional


A territory, passion and people: these are the ingredients in the story of Benincà. A professional and human journey that began in 1979, celebrated today in an authentic tale based precisely around these elements, our “Roots”, to retrace the stages of our evolution. These ingredients have become essential and over the years they have evolved and transformed remaining imprinted in our DNA.
In the evolution and in the ability to grow the company has been able to preserve, change and carry forward through new meanings the principles of its origins. Attention to the territory has been consolidated in the confirmation of the production Italy through a continuous reinforcement of the internal production department that has become an undisputed strength for us. The continuous research of excellence in products and technologies has passionated us since the beginning and has become today a promise of professionality to be brought around the world. We have chosen the path of the professionals because we love this job and we would like to do it better. The professional is to us the real landmark, a permanent interlocutor for whom we constantly research the best solution. However, growth without people is impossible. Employees, clients and associates in these years have played a fundamental role and it is with them and through them that we decided to retrace these 40 years in business.

The promise of quality of the initial years has consolidated through the continuous research and development of high-technology products designed for professional users. Precise distributional strategies, the establishment of direct branches and the constitution of the group in 2009 have made Benincà Group a strategic partner in providing professional solutions, from specialists to specialists. Building a network of #automationspecialists requires also a strong focus on issues related to the professional’s world. As a Group we decided to develop a range of professional products because we care about security.



Markets and growth: Tommaso Lunardi Group's sales director
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