Brushless road barrier


The brushless thecnology referred to the use of direc current motors “without brushes”, offers the big advantage to keep the torque constant even when the motor speed changes. Thus these type of motors guarantee high performance, reliability, smoothness in the movement as well as a long lifetime of the motor and represent the ideal solution for very intensive use. DIVA is the new brushless road barrier provided with gearbox in oil bath for the automation of passages of 3 m and an opening time of 1 s. The electronic part, particularly evolved, is characterized by a switching electronic transformer 115/230 Vac, a built-in receiver 433.92 MHz and 512 storable codes ARC-only and native encoder. DIVA can be easily interfaced with KNX home automation system or parking management systems through serial connection. Provided with built-in battery charger for the use even in absence of electricity, it can also manage the function of opposite barriers through BUS connection thanks to the SIS accessory. The positioninig of control panel on the top of the barrier (IP protection rate IP54), makes it easily reachable and the inches on the top lead facilitates the wiring operations. DIVA is provided with built-in LED lights that can work as a blinker, solid light or traffic light.



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