Triple encoding type receiver for the creation of “master” transmitters


As part of the development project of the new ARC coding for access protection, research has also been completed on the new ONE.2WB-MS receiver, which enables the activation of a security function for the storage of remote controls. This function allows to turn in master a maximum of three remote controls already present in memory only when the receiver is set in ARC coding type. These transmitters become “keys” that are required to store new transmitters in a specific installation. In such cases, the storage of new transmitters can be either done by the radio transmission of a Master code immediately before the code of the new remote control to be added, or by using the Master to enable a new AK remote control also from a remote location. This product is the ideal solution not only for protecting security of access, but also for protecting the professional’s installation work from tampering by unauthorised third parties. The professional can create a master transmitter for each installation or have a single transmitter for multiple installations.



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Triple encoding type receiver for the creation of “master” transmitters
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