Markets and growth: Tommaso Lunardi Group's sales director


He joinedBenincà in 2003 and is now the Group’s sales director. An important growth pathin which he has witnessed and contributed to an evolution. In this interview,he tells us a little about his own career but above all what 2019 meant for thecompany.

2019 has certainlybeen a milestone year in the history of Automatismi Benincà and, as aconsequence, for the entire group. I have only been around for the last 17 ofthese first 40 years in which the company’s founders, Aldo and Luigi Benincà,have overseen its significant growth in the sector of automations for doors andgates. I would define this birthday as a coming of age because over time wehave gone from being a single company to 5 separate businesses, from having nointernational branches to having 11, 2 of which opened in the 40th anniversaryyear, and from focusing closely on production and quality to understanding thestrengths of our brands and therefore also concentrating heavily on ouracross-the-board development in all our target markets.

For many years wehave worked with over 110 countries in the world but up until 2018 we hadalways approached the markets with a very close focus on individual businesses,without seeking the synergies that only a group can create and obviouslyexploit. Now the new RISE, MYONE and HI-MOTIONS brands have come through theirteething phases and are ready to offer professional solutions that can beintegrated with those provided by the historic BENINCA’ and CAB brands,supplying their clients with complete solutions. 2019 was a year of events; allof our branches celebrated this 40th anniversary and some also celebrated theanniversary of their own founding. These occasions, as well as the three eventsorganised directly by HQ, gave us a chance to speak with many of our clientswho confirmed that our original decision to choose specialist distribution andprofessional channels, and to stick with them over the years, has been aconsistent guarantee for them and proof that they too made the right choicewhen partnering with us.

In 2019 we becameaware of our true strength and the fact that the entire group is now able tooffer a unique range of products and solutions. This is why I think it was ayear in which we came of age. We will continue to develop products aimed atindustry specialists - in fact, we believe that this is one of the main traitsthat sets us apart - and we will increasingly focus on integrated solutionsdesigned to satisfy the ever more frequent requests for turnkey projects thatcome from the commercial and industrial sectors.



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