• Benincà. Passion for what we do
  • Starting from knowledge
  • International horizons.

Many years ago, there were two brothers and a dream that became reality by the merger of two souls, one technical and one commercial.

Together they brought a plan to life, the synthesis of a balance that has always been able to develop without deteriorating, offering solutions and systems to make people’s lives safer, controlling accesses every day.

Always together, into new territories.

ACROSS DESIGN, ACROSS THE WORLD testifies more than ever to the promise that we made to each other many years ago: my commercial soul with my brother Aldo’s deep passion for the product”

— Luigi Benincà

Passion for our work has led to products characterised by high quality and reliability, as a result of deliberate choices of production methods and materials.These choices are the fruit of DNA that year by year has become the distinctive feature of the brand and which has enabled us to make products that have become part of our history, marking decisive stages in the development of the company and the group.

Over the years, knowledge and experience have been encompassed in recognised and appreciated models.

Products that have made history, which speak of us.

The craftsmanship of the first motors for gates laid the foundations for a quality of design and production that has been carried forward from the start to the present day. In this sense, attention to the choice of materials, skill and experience evolved over time to an industrial approach.

This made it possible to make major technological and production developments, in terms of efficiency and effectiveness while preserving attention to detail.

The BENINCÀ Group distributes its products in 110 countries worldwide through a network of distributors, specialist partners and 11 foreign branches in Europe, America and India.

This international approach began in 2003 when the first foreign branch was opened. The distribution method was a deliberate choice that led to the brands’ reputation growing and consolidating as a result of continuous work on the ground.

International distribution is also possible because of an approach centred on customers and their needs.

By designing solutions that are suitable for the reference market, over the years the group has successfully taken its quality and Italian products to the world.



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