Geared motor BULL1524.S

24 Vdc gear motor for intensive use, with magnetic limit switches, integrated control unit and virtual encoder

Commercial use

24 Vdc

Up to 1500 kg

Encoder signal recreated by the control unit beginning with the measurements of electric motor operation parameters. It is possible to manage slowing optimally and trace gate travel while providing the torque data in relation to its position to guarantee maximum safety

Intelligent power control system that allows obtaining dynamic data through a precise calculation of the thrust. The system is able to locate any critical points and adjust the torque accordingly in relation to actual requirements and according to measured performance

433.92 MHz Receiver equipped exclusively with Advanced Rolling Code (ARC)

2048 transmitters storable inside the receiver


24 Vdc | intensive use

24 Vdc gear motor for intensive use, with magnetic limit switches, integrated control unit and virtual encoder | Switching power supply 100÷250 Vac which reduces energy consumption and ensures a long lifespan of the actuator | Very intensive use, ideal for condominium applications | Anti-crushing system with amperometric obstacle detection | The control unit makes it possible to calculate the position of the motor starting from the measurement of instantaneous speed (virtual encoder) | The virtual encoder allows proper management of the slowing-down phases, movement tracking (STC system), and torque management in relation to the position of the gate, which guarantees maximum safety | Fast and easy to install, with the self-programming function through the radio transmitter, activation is possible immediately after installation | Option to operate opposed sliding gates using the SIS accessory and in case of power failure with the built-in battery charger accessory | Metal release lever

Foundation plate with anchor bolts included. Motor and floor fixing distance 269x106 mm n.4 Ø 12 mm

Power supply 100÷250 Vac (50/60 Hz)
Motor supply 24 Vdc
Max absorbed current 1.7 A
Maximum thrust 944 N
Opening speed 11.7 m/min
Duty cycle intensive use
Protection level IP44
Built-in control unit
Integrated receiver
Virtual encoder
Magnetic limit switches
Pinion for rack M4 Z18
Operating temperature -20°C /+50°C
Lubrication GREASE
Maximum gate weight 1500 kg
Weight 16 kg
N. motors per pallet 20



1 actuator for sliding gates, series BULL1524


100÷250 Vac – 50/60 Hz


24 Vdc


Integrated LCD display | Integrated 433.92 MHz 2048-code radio receiver with ARC coding | Removable terminal boards | Automatic, semi-automatic and deadman’s logic | Motor limit switch inputs | Step by step, pedestrian and stop inputs | Photocell input (PHOT O) configurable as active in opening-closing or only in closing phases | Photocell input (PHOT C) active both in opening and closing phases | Input for N.C or 8K2 sensitive edge | Step by step input configurable as open | Pedestrian input configurable as close | Two outputs configurable as gate open indicator, second radio channel of the incorporated receiver, service light, photocell testing | Predesigned for the operation of opposed sliding gates through SIS synchronisation board (optional) | Autosetting of operating parameters | Electronic torque adjustment | Anti-crushing safety thanks to amperometric detection | Electronic torque adjustment with automatic calculation for each point in the stroke (STC SYSTEM) | Adjustable slow-downs | Advantouch system to configure parameters and manage radio transmitters | Virtual encoder | Number of maneuvers | Programming access password | Maintenance warning | Integrated battery charger, compatible with battery models DA.BT2/DA.BT6

Technical Drawing BULL1524.S