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BeUP is the application for professional installers, available for iOS and Android, to keep up to date on news and to access technical documentation and configure systems that are controlled with BeMOVE. This application is also an indispensable tool for their work: installers can quickly change parameters and logics on control units and access diagnostic information even from remote.




Control unit



Technical documentation and online training

The app makes it simple to consult technical documentation, such as instruction manuals and certificates of conformity, just by using the search function. Product tutorials are available in the Video section, and the News section is constantly updated with articles explaining product news.

An archive of your installations

The address book inside the BeUP app provides a quick and easy way for the installer to store finished installations, associating the products present in that specific system.

Programming, diagnostics and technical support from remote

BeUP can reproduce the control unit’s menu structure. Each function is described thoroughly so that the installer has everything required at his fingertips. After connecting the pro.UP interface card to the control unit, the installer can see the status of the gate and entrances, and send commands. He can adjust parameters and logics, and read error messages and diagnostic data from remote, before going to the system site. The app can also record a log of events for monitoring the control unit over time. Lastly, the commands are available to import/export menu configurations of the receiver and there is also a menu for updating firmware on the connected control unit.


BeUP - Android.

BeUP - iOS.