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Why choose Benincà?

• We provide a wide range of products and solutions
to meet any requirement in residential,
commercial, and industrial settings or wherever
a high level of security is needed

• 100% Made in Italy.
The products are characterized
by high quality and research technology,
the result of constant work by the research
and development department

• Training and workshops.
The distribution network we built up
over the years is made of exclusively
of professionals. That’s why, we regularly
organise updating courses and workshops
to allow our partners to learn all
the features of our solutions

• BeUP, especially for professionals.
Used along with PRO.UP allows remote programming
of control panels, consultation of manuals
and video tutorials, in order to stand out
and provide specialised service

• Assistance and direct support.
We provide direct support through
a dedicated number, constantly
monitoring our service level

We’re looking for partners who share the values we have consolidated over the years: loyalty, trust, and respect. We want to share our love for what we do with our clients while facing the future with enthusiasm and confidence.

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