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For the Beninca’ Group, specialisation was a deliberate choice that has been consolidated in the creation of six industrial companies that produce and sell products throughout the world.

This structure requires a great commitment to research and development to anticipate requirements and solve complex problems. The group’s research and development department is made up of a team of mechanical and electronics engineers who constantly work on designing products and systems using the most innovative technologies, through synergies between the different brands.

This fusion and collaboration makes it possible to design highly specialised products, born out of the needs of multiple sectors

The desire to invest in products made in Italy is one of the group’s strategic features.

It is a practical commitment undertaken with strength, passion and tenacity. In-house production, testing and the research and development department are the really distinctive elements of the products, elements that have enabled us to achieve certification for being 100% made in Italy.

This important goal has become the guarantee, seal and testimony to a mission to make high quality products. We start from here on a long journey, moving the world

The shipping department has undergone considerable changes in recent years, with the main objective being to improve the service offered, by working on process efficacy and efficiency, as well as on reducing the average delivery lead time.

To do this, a barcode system has been adopted, which ensures consistency between picked and ordered materials, by notifying any errors.

In addition to this, to improve the picking speed, an automatic dual bay vertical warehouse has been installed, for electronic materials management.

Meeting, recreational and multimedia space, used also for technical and commercial training.

Together towards new goals.

Today's active learning and the new challenge to learn, dedicated to the sales force, but also for installers, architects and designers.

The demonstration area becomes headquarters for training and training in the field.

A path that divides itself between different experiences and worlds, for teaching of technology and functionality in industrial applications contexts.

From residential and public, to contemporary retail, buildings.

Design, ergonomics, and modernity.

Empathy and trust strengthen ties, also in business. Benincà has always believed that people should come before everything.

For this reason, everyone is invited to listen, and make themselves welcome, but also to enjoy the pleasure of relaxation and the excellencies provided for your palate.



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