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These last two months have been really difficult for our country, we have faced an unknown, invisible enemy that has spread all over the world in a few weeks making us understand how incredibly close we are, despite being far away from one another. A closeness we have felt more than ever among us as a population, but also with those abroad who know and appreciate us. During this period, we have learnt new ways of keeping in touch with one another, even though it has been hard to accept the detachment from our beloved ones, our colleagues and our customers, as we love life and conviviality.

We have faced this moment together in order to be even stronger and have more determination than before at the moment of the restart: today this moment has arrived.
In Italy, this restart officially began on Monday the 4th of May, it has been a very delicate phase that has involved the reopening of several industrial activities, including ours.

We are going to make it, together



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Benincà France and the new show room in Paris
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