New JIM.3 for residential sectional doors


The new JIM.3 is born for sectional doors for residential / condominium use up to 11 square meters, many improvements have been made.

Completely renewed electronics
The new control unit is equipped with a built-in switching power supply (230 Vac ± 10% 50/60 Hz) that provides the electric motor with constant power, enhancing its efficiency and lifespan compared to traditional transformers. It also allows for a better adjustment of the moving speed. The built-in 433,92 MHz receiver allows memorising 64 transmitters only with ARC coding and the removable eeprom memory allows preserving the transmitters even in the event of a damaged control unit. The product is equipped with 14 built-in service led lights that improve the light output and can be operated through transmitters, in bistable or timed mode, in order to be used as a ceiling lamp. Automatic, semi-automatic and dead man operation logic, separately adjustable slow-downs in opening and closing, partial opening through transmitter and autoset of the operation parameters. Perfect integrability with the new accessory battery charger.

Programming through transmitter and KNX domotics
With regard to the electronics, a new important feature is the possibility to carry out the self-programming namely the autoset through the transmitter, which can be activated at the first installation, and to be integrated with KNX domotics installations thanks to the accessory X.BE.

Safety, speed, low consumption and maximum performance
Thanks to an advanced system to reduce consumption (ESA+), the new motor guarantees an absorption in standby below 0,3 W, a maximum speed of 12 m/min, separately adjustable in opening and closing, together with a highly fluid movement. The STC system allows managing the thrust in relation to the position of the gate guaranteeing the highest security.



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New JIM.3 for residential sectional doors
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