Geared motor VN.S20 ESW

230 Vac gear motor with encoder, quick release and 1/20 reduction rates
VN.S20 ESW | Automations for garage & industrial doors | Automatismi Benincà
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Industrial use

Sectional doors and rolling doors

230 Vac

Up to 35 ㎡

Integrated device that guarantees maximum precision during the automation manoeuvring steps

Oil lubricated motors guarantee the maximum lifespan and high performances


230 Vac

230 Vac gear motor with encoder, quick release and 1/20 reduction rates | Plastic box that makes wiring the motor easier, thanks to the position of the front clip connector and the possibility of reaching three different positions with the wiring | Equipped with absolute encoder that permits the regulation of the positions of the opening and closing limit switches on the door directly from the control unit | Quick plug-in connection for quick and easy installation | Two accessories are available for chain drives with gear speed reduction rates 1:1 (off-axis motor installation) or 1:1.8 (torque or speed multipliers) | Maximum safety guaranteed during rapid release phases, thanks to a micro-switch that cuts the power supply to the motor | Oil lubricated reductions with hardened steel screw and bronze gears guarantee high performance, maximum reliability and silent operation

Power supply 230 Vac (50-60Hz)
Motor supply 230 Vac
Max absorbed current 3.3 A
Max torque 130 Nm
Maximum output rotations 18
Output speed 24 r.p.m.
Shaft hole 1” (25.4 mm)
Limit switch reduction ratio 1/20
Duty cycle 30%
Protection level IP40
Built-in control unit
Integrated receiver
Operating temperature -20°C /+50°C
Lubrication OIL
Door surface area 35 ㎡/max
Weight 15.2 kg
N. motors per pallet 32



1 actuator for sectional doors and rolling doors, folding doors with more than two sections, unbalanced shutters and industrial sliding gates


230 Vac single-phase or 400 Vac three-phase


230 Vac / 800 W or 400 Vac / 2200 W


Integrated LCD display | Integrated 433.92 MHz 64-code radio receiver with ARC and predesigned for plug-in radio receiver | Predesigned for connection to absolute encoder and quick wiring (VN “ESW” motors) | Autosetting of operating parameters with motors equipped with absolute encoder (VN “ESW” motors) | Removable terminal boards | Automatic, semi-automatic and deadman’s logic | Motor limit switch inputs | Open, close, step by step, pedestrian and stop inputs | Inputs for 4 pairs of photocells (configurable as active in opening-closing or in closing phases) and equipped with PHOTO TEST logic | Input for N.C or 8K2 sensitive edge | Input for safety sensor | Output configurable as gate open indicator, second radio channel, service light and area light | Output configurable as gate open indicator or photocell testing output | Output for connecting flashing light | Protection against phase failure and exceeding motor current threshold | Advantouch system to configure parameters and manage radio transmitters | Number of maneuvers | Programming access password | Maintenance warning

Technical Drawing VN.S20 ESW
Terminal Diagram VN.S20 ESW