Barrier DIVA.3

24 Vdc electromechanical barrier with control unit with integrated receiver and battery charger and switching power supply of 115/230 Vac
DIVA.3 | Road barriers & car park saver | Automatismi Benincà
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24 Vdc

For passages up to 3.0 m

Integrated device that guarantees maximum precision during the automation manoeuvring steps

Intelligent power control system that allows obtaining dynamic data through a precise calculation of the thrust. The system is able to locate any critical points and adjust the torque accordingly in relation to actual requirements and according to measured performance

Oil lubricated motors guarantee the maximum lifespan and high performances

433.92 MHz Receiver equipped exclusively with Advanced Rolling Code (ARC)

This is a protocol for connection with KNX home automation systems by connection of the X.BE card (optional)

Predisposition to manage the control unit using the BeUP app and pro.UP accessory which, by recreating the control unit menu, makes it possible to adjust parameters and logic, read error messages and update the firmware. It is possible to perform remote diagnostics, check the status of the gate and send commands.

512 transmitters storable inside the receiver


24 Vdc | intensive use

24 Vdc electromechanical barrier with control unit with integrated receiver and battery charger and switching power supply of 115/230 Vac | Electric motor with brushless technology that guarantees optimum performance, reliability, fluid movements and a very long lifespan of the operator. This represents the ideal solution in contexts requiring a particularly intensive use (Mean Cycles Between Failures = 5 million cycles) | Oil lubricated metal reduction and bronze gear that minimises wear and increases corrosion resistance | The top cover has an opening with customised key lock and hinges that facilitate wiring and installation operations | RGB Led lights integrated in the cover and on the arm, with the possibility to work as a flashing light, a presence light with fixed colour, settable through the wiring. Through the accessory DIVA.TL, it is possible to adjust the colour of the lights according to the boom position (traffic light function) | Illumination and light diffusion systems on both the cover and the arm designed to guarantee the maximum visibility in every direction and work as footpath lights under the arm itself | Highest performance and speed | Designed for the connection of the X.BE accessory in order to be integrated with KNX domotics installations and the programming through the app BeUP and the interface PRO.UP

Foundation plate not included

Power supply 115 Vac / 230 Vac (50-60 Hz)
Motor supply 24 Vdc BRUSHLESS 3PH
Max absorbed current 3 / 1.5 A
Opening time 0,8" (80°)
Duty cycle continuous use
Protection level IP44 (control unit IP54)
Built-in control unit
Integrated receiver
Operating temperature -20°C /+50°C
Lubrication OIL
Passage width 3.0 m
Weight 49 kg
N. motors per pallet 9



1 brushless road barrier DIVA range


115 or 230 Vac (selectable) 50/60Hz


24 Vdc / 11 A three phase brushless


Integrated LCD Display | Integrated 433.92 MHz 512-codes radio receiver with ARC coding | Removable terminal boards | Automatic, semi-automatic and Deadman logic | Step by step, stop, photocell, open and close inputs | Outputs configurable as open barrier indicator, second radio channel, boom lights, courtesy light, verified photocell power supply, maintenance indicator, close contact when the barrier is open or closed | Autoset of operation parameters | Electronic torque adjustment with automatic calculation for each point of the stroke (STC SYSTEM) | Separate electronic adjustments of opening and closing speeds | Anti-crushing safety through amperometric detection and encoder management | Electronic slowdowns in opening and closing | Preparation for the operation of opposed barriers with SIS synchronisation board (optional) Set up for connection to KNX systems via X.BE card (optional) | Designed for managing, configuring, diagnosing and updating firmware through the BeUP app, using the PRO.UP accessory | Advantouch system to configure parameters and manage radio transmitters | Number of manoeuvres | Programming access password | Maintenance warning | Built-in battery charger compatible with batteries DA.BT2 / DA.BT6

Technical Drawing DIVA.3
Terminal Diagram DIVA.3