Barrier LADY.5

24 Vdc barrier for intensive use with integrated control unit and battery charger
LADY.5 | Road barriers & car park saver | Automatismi Benincà
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24 Vdc

For passages up to 5.0 m

64 transmitters storable inside the receiver


24 Vdc | intensive use

24 Vdc barrier for intensive use with integrated control unit and battery charger | Switching power supply 100÷250 Vac which reduces energy consumption and ensures a long lifespan of the actuator | Version in stainless steel AISI 304 | Easy installation and possibility of quick connection for operation of opposed barriers, thanks to the SIS accessory board | Reduced energy use on stand-by | Option to install FTC.S photocells using concealed system so that they are perfectly integrated | Simple, fast and reliable boom balancing system | Adjustable slow-downs

Foundation plate not included

Power supply 100 ÷ 250 Vac (50-60Hz)
Motor supply 24 Vdc
Max absorbed current 3.1 / 1.6 A
Torque 195 N
Opening time 3.5” ÷ 6”
Duty cycle intensive use
Protection level IP44
Built-in control unit
Integrated receiver
Operating temperature -20°C /+50°C
Lubrication GREASE
Passage width 5.0 m
Weight 50.8 kg
N. motors per pallet 9



1 road barrier series LADY, LADY.5, VE.650


100 ÷ 250 Vac - 50/60 Hz


24 Vdc / 10 A


Integrated LCD display | Integrated 433.92 MHz 64-code radio receiver with 3 encoding systems (Advanced Rolling Code, Rolling Code, Fixed Code) | Removable terminal boards | Automatic, semi-automatic and deadman’s logic | Motor limit switch inputs | Open, close, step by step, pedestrian and stop inputs | Output for LADY.L accessory, LED integrated on arm | Output configurable as open barrier indicator light, second radio channel of incorporated receiver, arm light, service light, photocell test or maintenance indicator | Output for connecting the flashing light | Predesigned for the operation of opposed barriers with SIS synchronisation board (optional) | Autosetting of operation parameters | Anti-crushing safety thanks to amperometric obstacle detection | Adjustable slow-downs | Number of maneuvers | Programming access password | Maintenance warning | Integrated battery charger, compatible with battery models DA.BT2/DA.BT6

Technical Drawing LADY.5
Terminal Diagram LADY.5