Benincà France and the new show room in Paris


Inaugurated last November, the show room in Paris represents a meeting point for installers and professionals. Marc Fabris, BA manager for France, will explain the targets achieved and the goals for next year.

How long has Benincà been present in France?
Benincà has been active in the French market for more than 30 years; the fourth foreign customer created in the Benincà customer database was a French distributor, which proves that, since the very beginning, Benincà products could perfectly meet the demands of a very important market in the sector of gate automations like the French market.
How has the supply chain changed in these years?
As it often happens when you enter a new market, Automatismi Benincà has changed a couple of distributors in the first years. After that, it has settled down for more than 20 years with two important distributors in the south-west and south-east parts of the country, whereas the rest of France is managed through the branch Benincà France, that was established in 2008 in St. Priest, near Lyon.
What are the strong points of this company compared to other competitors in the same market?
First of all, Benincà Group offers a wide range of products that cover the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. It can also provide automatic doors, products for the security sector such as bollards, turnstiles and accessories for gates. In addition, the building quality and the technological level of the electronic components can satisfy the finest palate of French installers, through whom 90% of Benincà products is sold.
Why was the show room in Paris established?
After 10 years from the opening of the branch Benincà France in Lyon, it was decided to open a new point of sale in the Parisian hinterland in order to increase the market shares in the north-west parts of France, in which we were less active, as they represent a rich area with regard to our business. Paris and its 10 million residents offer different opportunities concerning the condominium and the industrial sectors, whereas most of French gate manufacturers are gathered in the west part of France. We have opted for a building that could serve as a showroom with a permanent exhibition of our products on a 100 m2 surface, a training room with wired, functioning motors to train our installers, and some offices for our sales employees. We have also got a stock of products at disposal of local customers in the nearby area, who can collect products and spare parts directly on this location, whereas our logistic hub is based in Lyon, which guarantees shipments in all France within 24/48 hours.
What are the goals for this year?
Thanks to the investments made in the area of Paris, we have got the tools to increase our customers’ portfolio and consequently our sales already this year. Despite being affected by the forced lockdown due to COVID19 like everyone else, we are confident that we will be able to achieve most of our goals giving more and more visibility to all the brands of our group.



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Benincà France and the new show room in Paris
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