AL-RIYADH AR - New Criminal Court Complex

The Criminal Court headquarters is the latest addition to a set of important public buildings in Riyadh designed to breathe new life into the heart of the Saudi Arabian capital.
The base of the 48,8-meter-tall, cube-shaped Criminal Court headquarters is a wraparound strip of light, which acts as a natural barrier, gives a sense of safety, and emphasises the building's height. The façade features the region's typical coarse chalky sandstone panels, highlighting the monumental thrust of the building and symbolising the authority of the law. Narrow slits with recessed windows minimise the exposure of the rooms to the heat outside. Moreover, they highlight the façade's sculptural appearance intensified by the vertical structure.

All the rooms are grouped around a spacious full-height atrium. The windows in the ceiling allow natural light to shine down on the interior walls.

This facility won the 1st prize in an international architectural competition. 110 bollards were installed around the building by our partner RollC, to manage the access in the sensitive area and improve the level of security.

Projected by AS+P architects/planners for ADA Arriyadh Development Authority