DEAD SEA, Amman JO - Arab Potash Company

Benincà and Rise high-security intrusion detection access control systems

The Dead Sea is one of the world’s richest sources of dissolved minerals such as potassium, magnesia and lithium.

The white metal, a key ingredient in the production of batteries that power electric vehicles (EVs) and high tech devices, is a raw material of growing importance. In Jordan, our client Masar United Contracting Co. has automated the access control of one of the world’s biggest producers, guaranteeing the safety of the plant with our high-security products by Benincà and Rise:
6 Maximum M30 + 2 Lady barriers.

The plant is therefore protected as follows:
- entrance with 3 Maximum M30 + 1 Lady
- exit with 3 Maximum M30 + 1 Lady
(another 6 Maximum M30 have been installed at another extraction site).