Sydney AUS - Sydney Zoo

Australia’s most advanced zoo has chosen Benincà automations.

Sydney Zoo opened in 2019 with the aim of creating amazing experiences for the local and international community by introducing them to a range of animal species from all over the world, while also educating them on animal welfare and conservation.

Sydney Zoo embraces advanced technology and innovation to improve animal welfare, visitor engagement and education and is home to a wide range of exotic and native animals. Intelligent habitat design ensures an experience that is more immersive and engaging than traditional zoos.

Sydney Zoo is home to over 4,000 animals including a wide range of exotic and native animals, Australia’s largest reptile, an aquarium, and a large open-air area dedicated to Indian elephants as well as a Nocturnal House.

In this amazing place Benincà Australia has installed 14 Bison motors to manage in total security the opening and closing of the large cages in front of the night-team area for Asian elephants.
Technology also makes it easier and safer to put these wonderful 4000kg creatures to bed.