Blacktown AU

Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre (BARC)
An animal shelter benchmarks a safe and welcoming place. A very modern complex, attracting potential pet adopters, with the most beautiful fence and gate ever!
Gates and fences can be integrated into an architectural project as significant elements with substantial aesthetic value. For example, in this installation in Australia, the gates harmoniously merge with the fences.
A 100 m long piece of abstract art made of vertical multicolour blades inspired by local birds. The bearing structure integrates Hi-Motions elements and accessories. The three gates are automated with Benincà motors: 1x BULL20HES on a 2000 kg sliding gate and 2x PR45E24 on a 500 kg swing gate. A café, playgrounds and a park where the landscape’s skyline serves as biofiltration, promoting rainwater intake across the site.
Congratulations to our clients, Ideal Gate Automation, who collaborated with AW Edwards Pty Limited (a major Australian construction company) to build a beautiful and super modern animal shelter.

Installed by: Sam Crawford Architects