Mount Athos EL

Mount Athos has long been considered one of the holiest places on earth.
In Greek mythology it was the abode of the gods before Olympus.

Rugged and isolated, Athos is an ideal location for an ascetic life. With an autonomous government controlled by the 20 monasteries on the peninsula, over the centuries it has attracted men of faith from all over the Orthodox world. The entire area is considered an enormous monastery and is famous for prohibiting access to all women and all living creatures of female sex (even though chickens are tolerated) based on an ancient decree issued by the Emperor of Byzantium in 1060 which is still in force today.

Vatopedi Monastery is currently the most populous, with more than 100 monks. It hosts many spiritual treasures, with the most impressive being the Cincture of the Theotokos and a very well-stocked library with more than 600 ancient texts of Byzantine code.
Although traffic will obviously not be as heavy as in Athens, Rise bollards have been installed to limit the traffic of vehicles carrying pilgrims from the small Harbour to the monastery.

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